Exercises to firm the buttocks and legs with the fitball

Ok. I swear to you that after this video for a while I will stop doing fitball exercises! 

But I couldn’t help ending one of my favorite workouts!

It is a series of exercises to firm the buttocks and legs (inner, outer thigh and back/hamstrings).

Exercises to firm the buttocks and legs with the fitball

  • The back push-ups with the ball resemble ordinary ones, but have some features. It is necessary to put your hands on the ball, but not along its edges in order to avoid the risk of slipping, otherwise you could get injured. After that, squeeze 12 times, but smoothly, because this is how the muscles of the hands will be worked out more carefully, and the lesson itself will be safer.
  • Twisting with a fitball is performed in a prone position. The ball, as when bending to the sides, should be sandwiched between the legs. Move your hands behind your head. Stretch your abs regularly. It is necessary to perform twisting, while raising the pelvis and legs up.
  • Ball twisting is slightly different from the previous exercise. You need to cross your arms over your chest and lie on the fitball. After that, you need to climb up without moving your hands. Correct execution involves rolling back, since in this case the probability of a fall is significantly reduced.
  • Push-ups are performed from the floor, but the legs should be located on the ball for fitness. After that, push out, as usual, only more slowly, so that the muscles have time to work out as much as possible. The optimal number of repetitions at the beginning of classes is about 10 (depending on the degree of your fitness).
  • Leg raises are performed in the same position as push-ups. Once you have taken this position, start lifting one leg up as much as stretching allows you to. For each leg, repeat the exercise 15 times.


Exercises to firm the buttocks and legs with the fitball

So it’s great for those with knee problems and who can’t put too much load on their feet.

At the beginning, I also included a column joint exercise, which will help you:

give mobility to the column,

В warm-up the center, stimulating awareness of the connection between the abs and the spine,

strongly activate (since the soles of the feet are resting on an unstable base) the hamstrings (back muscles of the thighs), which you will work for most of the workout

acheter des steroides en ligne;      … to breathe and concentrate to work better and on control.

I confess that I particularly love these exercises, I find them super effective for the legs, because they tone them, shape them, without swelling them, there is no load on the knee joints, plus Fitball (I will never stop saying it!) Has the advantage of making many things work at the same time.

With exercises to firm the buttocks and legs, in fact, you will notice how CORE, the abs are also involved.